Painter, Lecturer, Curator, Art Historian

She was born in an intellectual family in Istanbul. Her father was a painter and her uncle was a poet. She began painting at an early age. Graduated from Kadikoy High School for Girls, and Marmara University. As a university student in Istanbul, she was interested in journalism and advertising; and was involved with cinema and music. Between the years 1985-2005 she lived in the United States; in New York City and in New Jersey. She had (AA, 1988), (BA, 1989), (MA, 1992 ) Degrees and (MFA, 1996) from Rutgers and Montclair State Universities. Since 1993, she is a member of UNESCO- International Plastic Arts Association(AIAP). Exhibited internationally, she held many solo and group shows and her works were selected to Special Collections and Museums. N. Göksun SAY, has been active in Art and Art History since the 1980s. She is also a University Professor and a Ph.D. in Art History. She is the mother of one, and lives in Istanbul and New York.